Rugs 123

Oct 7, 2016

And the new Rugs123 website is now live! Check it out at rugs

This was another ecommerce project that required a lot of time to get filters and options in place so that customers have a far more searchable website that will allow them to find and buy their desired item far more quickly. The design is responsive so it works across all devices.

Visit the website HERE

Buckie Baptist Church

Oct 7, 2015

The Buckie Baptist Church asked for a new website that would allow the community to find out information relating to the church and their events. I was also asked to set up their social media and podcast accounts/pages. The website now includes a 'Sunday Sermon' page where you can go to and listen to a podcast of the Sunday sermon if you missed it. The podcasts are hosted via soundcloud and then embeded directly into their website.

You can visit the Buckie Baptist Church website HERE

Greenbrae Stoves

Oct 7, 2015

The brand new Greenbrae Stoves website is now live at

I was asked to give the website a completely new look and build it so that it was compatible with all devices from desktop and laptops to phones and tablets.

The final design came together nicely and now showcases their amazing quality wood burning stoves.

Visit the website HERE

green brae stoves

Grampian Furnishers

Apr 4, 2017

So I was given the mammoth task, and great opportunity, to redesign and rebuild the grampian Furnishers website so that it was compatible with all devices including phones and tablets. The final design clean and crisp and allows the user to view and purchase all items with just a couple of clicks. This was a brilliant project to work on and I waas more than happy with the final result.

Go and check out the website and all of the amazing furniture that Grampian Furnishers has to offer HERE

Stikkz Media

Jan 4, 2015

So some of you may have been following me on Facebook and noticed Stikkz Media popping up. Stikkz Media is part of AJF Web Design and allows me to showcase and sell my graphic design...designs on lots of different items from keyrings and bottle openers to mugs and t-shirts and even rock-slate and tiles. There are some really nice items for sale over at and we also offer personalisation of all items so they are perfect as gifts or for business purposes where you can have items branded up to give-away or sell your self.

We already have many of our souvenir items for sale in shops in Cullen, Lossiemouth and Hopeman and are looking to expand over the next 12 months into many other Moray towns and villages. The souvenir items are designed along the style of 1950's railway posters, I try and take a landmark from each place and draw a vector based image using flat colours and one gradient in the background. These drawings were actually inspired after creating a wedding invitation design for my friends Shaun and Laura, so thank you MacFinze!

Go and check the items out for yourself at